Seattle Public Schools is a high-performing district for many. Yet, unacceptable gaps persist. We have amazing, dedicated educators who are closing those gaps daily, serving as a national model for ensuring educational and racial equity for students. Won’t you join us in this groundbreaking, life changing work and #teachseattle?

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The Process

So, you want to change the world by becoming a Seattle Educator?

You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll talk you through the process and all you need to do be able to #teachseattle for the 2019-20 school year. Click here to read our Hiring FAQs.

Seattle Public Schools uses a “pool” process to collect information about teacher candidates. This means you apply to the pool in your subject area(s), then once your application is reviewed, you can apply for jobs at specific schools once they become available sometime around March/April each year.

Our pools are up now! Click here to review the postings and apply today!

When you click apply, you can set up your Applicant Profile by clicking the “Sign In” button at the top of our main Careers page found here. If you don’t have an account, click “Create One.” Then you can provide basic information about yourself even before you apply to any pools.

The Application

Seattle Public Schools is committed to providing equitable access to a high-quality education for each and every student. That means equity is at the center of our screening process.  When you apply, you will be prompted to answer several equity-focused questions that will be available to school leaders when reviewing your application.

Additionally, you will be asked to upload your resume and a general cover letter. The cover letter should address why you want to #teachseattle and why you believe you have the right skills and mindset to aid in the district reaching its academic and equity goals.


You will also be asked which endorsements you have or will have by Aug. 31, 2019. Please only select those endorsements in which you will be fully certified by the start of school. Teachers may NOT teach without a valid certificate, so be sure to have your application into the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in plenty of time to have your certificate issued by the first day of school.

The Site-Based Hiring Process

Once your application has been vetted by the Human Resources department, you will then be eligible to apply to individual positions at specific schools. Your application may also be forwarded to schools that you did not apply to but for which your skills and experience are a match. School hiring teams then review applications and select the candidates they would like to invite to an in-person interview. The selection of interviewees is determined solely by the school hiring teams.  If interviewed and selected, you will be contacted by HR with an offer for the position.

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The path to becoming a teacher is not always linear.

For many, life obligations, money, time – you name it – get in the way.  Seattle Public Schools has developed a classified to certificated route to becoming a teacher, and for many it’s low-cost or no-cost and can have you certified in as little as two years.

How does it work?

Seattle Public Schools has many opportunities for people without a teaching certificate to work in classrooms as an Instructional Assistant or Para-Educator.  Our greatest need is for Special Education and English Language Learner Instructional Assistants.  While you work (with full pay and benefits), you take classes toward earning your cert. Once you’re done. We hire you as a teacher with a starting salary of $56,000+.

Looking for Funding Assistance?

Looking for additional funding/scholarships outside of or in addition to district support?
Contact the Financial Aid office at the university you want to attend. Additionally, the WashBoard connects Washington students of all types with Washington scholarship providers for FREE.

The Washington Student Achievement Council has grants for those who are interested in becoming teachers. Please visit their website for further information:

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